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Baby Dream Job


Hi, we're happy that you're here. For a long time we want to know you through this super job game for kids, here you could be with us. We are become very good friends and definitely we will have a lot of fun. Here you can make new friends and even to learn many interesting things. Surely you already know what you want to become when you grow and that is why we have prepared for you a game about the perfect job. You'll be able to experiment more jobs and then decide which you like best. You will have a big surprise when you notice that own a bank. You have to prove you are a good manager, you have to take care of all the money all city residents. You have to invest only in profitable businesses. By this game for girls you'll be able to test your skills and even more you'll be able to prove to everyone that you can prove that you can get a businessman very known.Pay attention to instructions and details.Success!- First you have to work in a car repair shop;- You have to solve many problems;- Use only good utensils;- Wash the car;- Paint the car;- Inflate the wheels;- The car looks great, you did a good job;- In future you can be an excellent mechanic;- Now you can go to a restaurant to drink the juice items;- Choose the freshest fruit and then you can make a delicious juice;- The young woman wants to look good;- You will have to clean the skin;- Apply a mask of fruit;- Rinse with warm water;- Apply a moisturizer;- Now you have to wash laundry;- Sort the laundry;- Enter all the laundry in the machine;- Do not forget to add detergent;- Start the car;- In a few minutes you can come back;- You have to stretch your laundry to dry on a wire;- After drying will have to pack;- You've come to the bank;- Must arrange the money in the safe;- You did a great job.
Please come back every day through this washing clothes game.Have fun!